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Converse all star released colorful series, and this broke its long-time one color policy. With the development of technology, many new materials, such as leather, rubber, came into use. In the 1970s, fashion began to follow the natural feeling and original feeling in the influence of Hippies agitation. cheap Converse All Star shoes seemed to be of retro at that time and this series matched clothes easily. They were suitable in any situation and they made life simpler. In 1966, a new series named Converse all star 2000 was born. This series used leather instead of canvas and it fulfilled a  remarkable change in the history of Converse all star. Based on the most original series, this unique change gave sneakers the most unusual appearances.
Despite of the old series Converse all star, Converse Corporation has launched a Converse newseries called Converse one star (discount converse one star) which becomes the pronoun of loving sports and loving life. Converse is undoubtedly the king of canvas not only in sales but also in models.

All Black Converse High Tops Mens
All Black Converse High Tops Mens
All Black Converse High Tops Mens